The Art of Effective Communication

 Interact compellingly with yourself and others.

This ongoing class is in part based on “Compassionate Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg.

It helps you

  • transform judgment and criticism intounderstanding and connection
  • break patterns of thinking that lead toarguments, anger and depressionresolve conflicts peacefully, whether personal or public
  • ·reduce stress in the workplace and improve productivity
  • develop relationships based on mutual respect, compassion, and corporation

The effect communication has on ourselves and others is far greater than most people realize. The longest study ever done on human happiness, the Harvard Study on Adult Development, found that relationshipshave a greater impact on our health in the long run than any other factor.

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month at 3 pm at Svatantrya Temple at 400 Jagoe Street in Denton, Tx.

About the facilitator:

Julian von Loesch, Ph.D. E-RYT 500, has had an interest in learning about communication ever since he was a child. 

He has led hundreds of students through self-inquiry classes at the ashram where he lived and taught in South India for over 4 years.

Part of those classes were on how to improve one's speaking and listening skills. He considers Non-Violent or Compassionate Communication the most effective form of communication he has encountered thus far and is excited about teaching it.

He lives and teaches at Svatantrya Temple in Denton, part of the group that is supporting the temple community.