April 23rd
Satsang 3 - 5 pm

This is a free event

The term Satsang has many levels of interpretation. One interpretation is a community of individuals exploring reality. Sat refers to the underlying reality or matrix of life and Sang or Sanga is a group, meeting or convening. So Satsang can be a coming together to share, understand and celebrate our community in the forum of discussion.

Ahamkara, usually translated as Identity, is that aspect of mind that differentiats you from everything else. All the traditional systems of thought understand, and even quantum physics is seeing the signs, that there is an absolute underlying reality to everything. Ahamkara is that aspect of the mind complex that allows us to experience our reality individually. However, the feeling of isolation and seperation from that absoluteIf that is the case, why do most of us feel that we are not all part of some great, loving reality? 

Please email me with any questions. See you on April 23rd.