I’m confused, what is this place?  A yoga studio, a wellness center, a self-help seminar provider, a vegan restaurant, a community center, or a spiritual organization?

All of the above! Except only the essentials and not the bells and whistles.

Elsewhere, you would have to spend considerable amounts of money and go to several different places to find all the services we provide.

You’d have to be a member of a yoga studio, go see a body-worker, eat meals at expensive vegan restaurants, invest in costly self-help workshops, consult with a life coach, etc. In fact, this is what health conscious people with means in California and all over the world do to stay exceptionally well and balanced.

We believe that this kind of support service be available to anyone, regardless of social status or income. Further, rather than having to cobble a system together by yourself with no guarantee it would work, you can find a system that works as a whole already in one place. In fact, its foundational pieces have a proven track record for bringing about health and happiness in humans for several thousand years in addition to being adapted for the modern person.

What is Tantra?

Traditional tantra is a philosophy of living a happy, meaningful and free life. It has less to do with sex than the main stream understanding of the word. Much in the same way as cars are not about the headlights but about freedom of movement.

There is a difference between traditional tantra and neo-tantra, or what is most commonly understood as tantra. While neo-tantra  is mostly about sex, in traditional tantra sexuality is an aspect of an entire system of teachings designed to actualize your true nature.

 What we teach here is Traditional Tantra, which includes Tantra Yoga to balance your body/mind,  body-work to allow old wounds and patterns to gently exit the body/mind,  and spiritual talks (Satsang and Supper, Tacos and Tantric Text Discovery), to find out what these ancient texts have to say about our true nature, and why we are whole and complete with a bliss essence and not broken, like many of us assume and experience.  The pujas (sacred ceremonies) are practices to help us return to our true nature, our blueprint of bliss. You are invited to participate in as many or as few of these offerings as you see fit.

We also offer an Intimacy Circle, where we address the topic of intimacy and sexuality from a modern perspective in a safe environment through interactive exercises.

I like a rigorous work-out, will yoga be enough for me?

It will be enough to optimize your health with a vastly reduced risk of injury. If you like a more active, yet low impact, way to optimize your health, we recommend  giving the Strength and Inversion class a try.

Will I get enough protein with a vegan diet?

The short answer is yes. If done correctly, you will get a sufficient amount of plant based proteins, which are easier to digest and less taxing on your system than animal proteins. Animal proteins are often associated with inflammation. 

If you’re concerned about having enough energy, there are plenty of high performance athletes that eat a vegan diet, the most well known example being the Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis. Here’s a list of other world class vegan athletes:  http://www.greatveganathletes.com/

If it gives them enough energy, we’d say it’s probably good enough for us :)

Do you offer Yoga Teacher Trainings?

Not yet, but we will in the future. When we do, we will announce it both on our website and our newsletter.

If I’d like to become part of your live-in community, how might I do that?

Currently, we do not have any spaces available, but when do we will announce it through our newsletter. In the meantime, please feel free to come to our classes and events so you can get to know us and we can get to know you so we can see we we’re a mutual fit.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 424.581.7419, email us at [email protected] or drop by at our temple at 318 W. Congress Street, Denton, TX 76201.