Partner Stretch

Culture and optimize your body alignment and range of motion with the aid of a partner.
The basic structure of your alignment is your skeleton. Your muscles (via tendons), ligament, facia, etc connect your bones. These elements are flexible and allow us to move but can also pull our muscles out of alignment. If these elements have been pulling in suboptimal ways or you do not regularly flex and extend your muscles across their full range of motion the bones they connect can come out of proper alignment.
The use of a partner to facilitate and align your movement allows you to relax any muscles that may have been pulling in suboptimal ways.
Relaxation in concert with a partner's ability to see another perspective of your alignment allows correction of improper skeletal alignment and quickly improves range of motion of the large muscle groups of the leg and trunk.

Every Thursday from 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.​