Satsang: Theoretical Background to Traditional Tantra

Your true nature is bliss. These talks present you with information about why we are bliss beings and how to actualize your bliss  according to Tantric Philosophy.

Tantra is a
spiritual science that is based on knowledge and not faith. In fact, the word Veda means knowledge. The Vedas are the oldest scripture in the world and the basis of Tantric Philosophy.  According to Patanjall, the author of the Yoga Sutras, our fears come from “avidya” or not knowing who we are.

By understanding who you are you build yourself, you build your freedom.
The talks build a basis of knowledge, the practices such as yoga, puja, and chanting deepen it through repetition, and eventually you intuitively act from your true self. This is how you build a blissful life according to traditional Tantra.

We welcome you to join us on this journey!

Saturdays from noon - 1 p.m.   at Svatantrya Temple at 400 Jagoe Street, Denton, Tx 76201.
Intro to Tantric Philosophy Talk: