The System of Self-Realization Taught at Svatantrya: Bringing Together the Ancient and the New
Mind-Body Practices: 

The foundation of this system is relaxation. It is impossible to be blissful or even happy when you're stressed or anxious. According to Dr. Herbert Benson of the Mind-Body Institute at the Harvard Medical School every illness today is at least in part caused by stress.

As virtually everybody living in the modern world experiences some sort of stress, we start by relaxing through the meditative practice of  Authentic Kaula Tantra Yoga (not to be confused with what is commonly understood as “Tantra”. See FAQs ).  We refer to this as passive dynamism.

As some people prefer to relax through more active practices, we also offer a   Core & More Class with practices from traditional Kung Fu and Yoga which include body weight exercises and low impact cardio. We call this active dynamism. We recommend trying either and seeing which one you prefer. Some like to do both.

Research shows that once a person is relaxed, the body's natural healing mechanisms are activated (see Dr. Benson's Relaxation Response).

In addition, these practices help balance one's prana/chi (life force energy), which in turn balances one's hormones and metabolism, while cultivating optimal levels of strength and flexibility for overall health.

Traditional Bodywork: 

Employing  Ayurvedic Partner Bodywork ,  old wounds and patterns will be allowed to gently exit the body/mind. Ayurveda is an Indian Vedic Science dedicated to Whole-Self well being. You will  receive and learn to give this easy to learn treatment  and thus be able to share this wonderful gift with friends, family, and loved ones. 

For some people the mind-body practices and/or bodywork is all they need to restore  optimal health.  

A Whole Health Approach to Happiness:

As in today's world we are so inundated with stressors both external and internal, stressors that were simply not present when these traditional practices were devised, additional practices are included in this system of self-realization;  for example, our weekly   Freedom Through Self-Knowledge Course : Here you learn to become your own healer/guide through a method so powerful it has a scientifically proven record of being able to heal stage IV cancer without medical intervention.

As relationships and sexuality play an important part for our overall well-being, and have become a big challenge for many of us as we tend to live such isolated lives, we have designed a course specifically addressing just these two aspects of our health through our weekly  Intimacy Circle.

The Importance of Community: 

We consider community a vital part of our health and happiness as human beings (see research). This is a major reason this temple was founded. Isolation, with only pseudo connection through social media (which is even more isolating), has been linked to such prevalent mental illnesses as depression and anxiety (see here). Thus we have   community events most Saturday and Sundays, such as vegan potlucks, community gardening, dances, etc. We also offer a vegan meal program to give us all an opportunity to share meals as well as providing those who are too busy to cook themselves an option for healthy, well priced food (as low as $5 a meal for students).

A Spiritual Science from the East:

We are all so different in our beliefs, yet so similar in our hopes and fears, and we all have the exact same blueprint of bliss. Bliss is our nature. Given the state many  of us are in this may be difficult to even fathom. However, this is something all world spiritual directions and religions originally were aware of.

All classes mentioned thus far do not address religion or spirituality. You can reach a profound level of healing and happiness by participating in and practicing the principles taught in those classes.

We are not interested in preaching or converting anyone to our own spiritual beliefs.

Addressing the Split between Science and Spirituality: 

If you'd like to find out more of why we are following the spiritual science of Kashmiri Shaivism or Tantric Vedism, which is based on the oldest scriptures in the world, the Vedas (which share vast similarities with all other world spiritual systems and religions, see Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces), the following classes might be of interest to you:

 Our weekly Satsang and Supper and Taco Bar and Tantric Text Discovery classes, which not only address spirituality but also modern science to show that there doesn't have to be a conflict or split between science and spirituality, as is often believed and practiced.

Such pre-eminent physists as Fridjof Capra and David Bohm found that certain spiritual systems were able to answer questions that science did not. These two pioneers have since been joined by a myriad of other notable scientists.

We believe in order to fully live one's potential, the question of who we truly are becomes one of vital importance.  For example, it is often said in spiritual circles that we are all One. Yet, what or who is this One? What are its qualities and how does this affect our everyday experience?

Practical Application of Spiritual Beliefs:

We hold a puja (sacred ceremony) most mornings, where anyone interested can see how we practice our spiritual beliefs or participate themselves. We also celebrate a weekly evening puja where we go into more explanation behind the meaning of this practice. In short, it is a form of meditation that includes mantras (affirmations) to aid us in returning to our true essential self. In this spiritual science, women are honored as goddesses and this puja is also the primary practice in this regard.  Further, we offer chanting classes . Chanting is a powerful way of practicing self-affirmation through singing in a group.

Summing it all up:

At Svatantrya we offer a holistic system through which you can realize your innate potential in a supportive community. The teachers, Laura Nicole Roseman and Julian von Loesch, Ph.D. , spent several years in India learning vital aspects of this system from the traditionally trained acharya (spiritual teacher) Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Ananta Natha.

It combines the ancient and the new, employing changeless and timeless principles to help you connect to your eternal core, your blueprint of bliss, to actualize your true nature to live a happy, meaningful and free life.

Where to Start?

Maybe try out the  relaxing, meditative yoga or the Core & More Class  and see which you prefer, and add the self-discovery class or the intimacy circle to start with and go from there. Also, the community events are a great way to get to know the other people involved and get a sense of the group.

Some people dive right into the spiritual talks , it's really up to you!

We wish you an enjoyable and insightful exploration and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can stop by the temple, reach us at [email protected] or call us at 424.581.7419.