Taco Bar & Tantric Text Discovery

The spiritual talks and the tantric text discovery go hand in hand. While the talks go over general concepts of who we are and why, in the text discovery we go over specific texts to aid us in our understanding of self.

If we understand ourselves as bliss beings, it is an entirely different experience of the world than if we see ourselves as broken or damaged in need of fixing.

However, for most of us, bliss is not an immediate experience. Like anything worthwhile, it is a process that takes time. Traditional Tantra offers a system to guide us in this process.

A serious look and guided discussion over whole Tantric texts, sections of texts, and/or major Tantric science cosmology concepts. The book is called 
Pratyabhijnahrdayam: The Secret of Self-recognition by Jaideva Singh. Feel free to bring your own book for the class or just come as you are and participate in the discussion.